Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daddy!!! I just started school at good ole BYU! I knew you'd be so proud and glad that I came here at last. I've heard it all from mom. "If you kids would just listen to the things I tell you," was what she was saying to me the other day. At least I ended up here, right? She took me around Provo after taking me out to dinner. While telling me about the new roads and the facelift Provo has seen over the years, she tried to locate where she lived when you first met her. Due to the change she was not able to find it, but it was sure nice to hear about you when you were younger. She told me how you were a waiter at a Mexican restaurant when you first met. Weird, I just see you being too old and mature to do that. But then, even when you became my dad, you were never fully mature. We recounted the time we were all up in Logan looking for a place for me to live and you scratched your nose and your finger exited with a new buddie, and you wiped that buddie on the curb outside the movie theater. Mom says she can still see that nasty booger when she thinks about it. You're always funny, Dad.

Once mom gave up trying to find where she lived, we did some basic grocery shopping. We couldn't do much. It's hard to fix six separate people's groceries into one fridge, especially with how much I eat, so fitting them in the fridge was quite the adventure. Time had come for mom to go home so I gave her a hug. I miss you guys so much!! Not many people are close to their parents, and I've always been grateful for my friendship with both of you. Thank you for not only being my Dad and disciplining me and teaching me, but for being one of my best friends, too.

I have yet to tell you about my first day. Talk about tangents. Sorry, Dad. My first day was awesome. To get things started, I went to the gym and got a good store of endorphins for the day with help from a step/turbo class. But I had to skip out a little early to get ready for my first class, which I ended up dropping because I'm hoping to get into a higher level English class. Cross your fingers for me. It's the last class I need for my associate's degree. The best part of the day was after that- Italian 101. I was practically shaking my desk, ready to pee my pants with excitement. Once I learn, I'm going to go, okay, Dad? I'm going to Italy. As I left, I had to refrain myself from kicking my heals as I walked down campus to my next class. However, I was not about to wipe the giddy grin off my face. My next class added to my excitement- Basics of Clothing Construction. Thanks to mommy, I'll be a step ahead for just a little bit, but then I'll be able to stand on my own two feet instead of requiring mom to be over my shoulder whenever I sew to make sure I'm doing it right. Look at me, Dad! I'm a big kid now!


  1. You should tell Marni you're learning Italian, she'd be giddy with excitement too. I bet she'll go with you to italy as well! she's been trying to get back for years!

  2. Hi KC...It's Mche that works with your Mom. She told me about your cute blog so I decided to check it out! :) I love how you write to your Dad and tell him all your memories and new adventures. My brother is also at BYU playing lacrosse down there- Ted Ferrin. He really enjoys it. Hope you are having fun and it looks like you are living it up! Hope you don't mind if I stop by every once in awhile.
    Miche Barbosa