Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dad, remember when I had my learners permit and we would drive everywhere? You wanted to see where the road by Tooele took you. It was a two lane highway. I distinctly remember getting stuck behind a car that was going slightly slower than our cruise control speed and you said I didn't have to pass the car if I didn't want to. Yeah, we stayed behind that car until it turned off. Passing on a two lane highway freaked me out. Yesterday, we were driving with our director, Mr. Li, and he was driving like a typical Chinese man. On a two lane road he tried to pass a dumptruck as a moped was heading his way. Of course, he went for it. Chinese driving is so crazy and so unlike the driving back home! Dad, almost right after that he pretty much drove on the opposite side of the road, weaving through cars until he could get to the correct side and he was never worried. Kind of funny. Aren't you glad I'm not driving here so that I don't pick up the habits? Or, better yet, so I don't die when I'm not used the Chinese driving?! Don't worry, Dad, I'm fine and will survive this last month. Love you and miss you. Your baby girl.

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